Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bernina Dealer Weekend

I have just returned from a fun filled two and half day of sewing! Rarely do I get to sew so much in the space of a short period. Each year some of the Bernina Dealers get together and sew. In total there were 12 of us from 11 different Bernina Dealer Shops within NSW. We each had to come up with a project that could be complete within a 2 hour time, which can then be used for our Bernina Club. We sewed our hearts out! On Friday sewing began at 5pm (bums needed to be on seats at this time according to the email that Thea sent us!) and then we continued until 9.30 that night. After a sleepless night (when I got to bed I was so hyper that I couldn't sleep) we started again at 8am and I didn't leave until 10.50pm. The next morning once again we started at 8am and sewed until 4.30pm. It was an exhausting weekend but a great deal of fun, a great experience and opportunity to meet and network with the other Bernina dealers. So now I have a head full of ideas for the upcoming Bernina Clubs - stay tuned.
This was my Project for the weekend:

A photo from the Friday night of sewing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Berrima Patchwork - Airing of the Quilts

We have just held our Airing of the Quilts and Sale. It was a very busy day and it was great to see some many familiar faces and many new ones. Over the pass year we expanded the shop which meant there was one less room to hang all the quilts, despite this we had more quilts to show this year. In total there were over 50 quilts on display, display of upcoming class projects and Bernina Club projects.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal - Auctions

Most of you will already be aware of the impact the floods have had in Queensland. There is a great deal of fund raising currently occuring. Toni Coward from Make it perfect decided to put together some auctions within the sewing/patchwork/art community to raise some donations.
We need to get word out about these auctions. There is alot on auction - quilts, hand made goods, patterns, fabric and much, much more - I have bids on several items. Please do take a look and if you can, either make a bid or make a donation. I know we have many customers from Queensland and in the past several days have had a few through the shop, some their homes are ok, one lady was trying to get back home however she needs to travel through the flood areas but where unsure if they could get back home as roads have been cut off. I can't start to imagine what it would to like to be effected by the floods, my heart goes out to everyone in Queensland. So if you can help out in any way please do.
Here is the link to Toni's Website which has a masterlist of all the auctions. http://www.tonicoward.blogspot.com/


Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's 5.58am (I am never up this early!), I'm in the shop...... IT MUST BE SALE DAY!!!!!
Hope to see you all, the weather looks like it's going to be a warm one, there was a bit of rain coming into the shop but hopefully it will stay away.
The quilts are nearly all up, we have over 50 quilts on display - we fited them all in, just.
We have 10 lovely ladies who are helping us out today - thank-you very much.
It is going to be a fun day - off to work now.....