Friday, August 19, 2011

Show and Tell: Bernina Club

The ladies last week in Bernina Club brought in some of their finished work. It is always great to see finished pieces as everyone's work is always different.
These are some bags that the ladies made from the Bobbin Class. These bags were made using shirring elastic. Don't they look great. I have made the pictures large so you can make out the detail on the bags. Dianne even put a zipper in the top of her bag. Often people use shirring on dresses but in the club I wanted to create a small project that used the method but gave it a "modern" spin on it.
Shirring Bag
Also in the couching class we worked on a pillow. Using a design already printing onto the fabric the ladies placed a thicker thread in their bobbin (we do this as the thread will not go through the needle) Different threads were used including DMC Stranded Cotton, Razzle Dazzle by Superior Threads and others. These are two of the pillow that were made on the day. The first one was sewn using the Stranded Cotton - what a great effect, the second was sewn using the Razzle Dazzle thread. The Bernina Sewing Machine make it easy to Bobbin Draw as you can easily change the tensions on the bobbin case. The ladies on the day got to play with the tension on these bobbin cases.

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