Friday, January 13, 2012

Airing of the Quilts and SALE

Airing of the Quilts and Sale 
Saturday 4th February 10am till 4pm

25% off ALL Fabrics* & 25% Off All Patterns and Books  for Stash Club Members^
20% off ALL Fabrics* &  20% Off ALL Patterns and Books for Non Members 
^Must be a signed up member prior to the 25th January 2012 *Excludes Batting/Wadding /Vliesofix/Pellon/Interfacing  and fabrics that are already on special. MINIMUM CUT FROM FABRIC OFF THE BOLT 50cm & NO CUTTING OF FAT QUARTERS ON SALE DAY
On the 4th February we will be holding our Airing of the Quilts and annual sale. This is a fantastic day to see a display of our teachers’ class projects for 2012– an opportunity for you to see the fabulous quilts they will be teaching. We will also be accepting bookings for those classes not already filled. Additionally there will  be a display of our students’ and local quilters’ works.  Also on the 4th February we are holding a sale on ALL fabrics (this includes all pre-cut fat quarters, fabric bundles and rolls) – 25% off for stash club members and 20% non members and 25% all patterns, and books for Stash Club Members, 20% off all Books and Patterns for Non Members. Please note you need to  have been a signed up member to the Stash Club prior to the 25th of January to have the full discount of 25%.  The sale excludes batting/wadding/Vliesofix/Pellon/interfacing and fabrics which are already marked on special. A 50cm minimum cut of fabric off the bolt will apply.
This Sale will also be applied to all our items on our website
If you place an order via our website you will need to enter the code "SALE" in the discount code box either when you view your cart or upon checkout. When you do this the discount should be applied (fingers crossed) to all products in your cart and anything you add further. If it doesn't, don't panic, as long as your order was placed on Saturday 5th February between 12am and 11:59pm (EST - Sydney, Australia Time) we will process your order with this discount applied. If you are a stash club member please enter your number when you are at checkout. It must be your number (not someone else's) and the order must be going to the address that corresponds with the stash club membership card. Orders will only be taken online for products that have been loaded onto the online shop, we know this is not our entire range of products but it is a large selection of it. We will not be taking any special orders over the internet on this day, sorry. If it's not on the site we can't take an order for it. All the same conditions and discounts apply as those on offer to in store purchases (including 50cm minimum cut off the bolt). Postage will be applied to all orders unless a total of over $100 is reached once all discounts have been removed, in which case you will receive free shipping.

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