Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elvis has entered the building!

I never thought I would be writing a blog about Elvis Presley but as some say never say never.
This is a new collection of fabric: Elvis on Tour. It has arrive in the shop and we have already sold out of a couple of these fabrics! 
 Elvis on Tour Fabric

When we were shown it by our reps from the fabric company I was definitely out voted on getting this fabric into the shop (you need to know I'm of the Nickelback, Coldplay, U2 generation.)
So here it is. We only have 9 of the fabrics left in stock. They are from Elvis' 1970 tour.The stud and dragon patterns are lifted straight from the King's iconic jumpsuit!
Elvis on Tour Fabric
Elvis on Tour Fabric

 Elvis on Tour Fabric
So if you are lonesome tonight there is no excuse as you should be snuggled under a quilt made out of this fabric.

This collection can be viewed on our  website by CLICKING HERE  OR just click on any of the images to view the collection.

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