Friday, August 31, 2012

Carol Doak's Latest Book

Carol Doak has just released the front cover of her newest book, it is to be called Creative Combinations and to be published by C&T Publishing. It will be released in February 2013.
Make those rectangle units do double-duty!
• Stunning Blocks & Borders from a Single Unit • 32 Paper-Pieced Units • 8 Quilt Projects
Carol Doak is back with something new and exciting for paper piecers! Learn how the same rectangular unit can work in dramatically different ways in the blocks and borders of your quilt. If you haven't tried paper-piecing yet, this book is for you, too. You'll discover how quickly and easily your quilt comes together with Carol's foundation piecing technique. She provides tips for tools and fabrics, plus plenty of inspiration.
• See how just one rectangle unit works beautifully in both blocks and borders with full-size paper-piecing patterns
• Try Carol’s inspiring quilt projects to learn how to work with unit placement, how to paper-piece, and how to choose your fabrics
• Get creative with your own unit combinations—patterns on CD give you flexibility to change the size of your quilt, or design your own pattern

This book looks amazing and will use Carol Legal Size Foundation Papers. We do stock Carol's Foundation Papers and if you love foundation piecing these papers are without question a MUST! 

They are fantastic. I had sewn several quilts which are foundation pieced. The first couple I printed my templates out on normal computer paper, oh what a mistake that was. When you tear out that paper it pulls the seams and it is really hard to get it all out. I then got some of Carol Foundation Papers to try, yes they will cost more to use but oh wow the difference, you will wonder why you bothered trying anything else. The paper will print through your normal printer and in most of Carol's books you will find a disk that includes Foundation Factory which has the templates on it so you can just print it straight from the computer onto these foundation paper's (and you can print them out at any size!). They tear out so easily, no pulling on the seam and you get it all out, no little pieces left! And here is a bonus, Carol was one of our teachers for Quilting in the Highlands 2012, and we printed all the foundation papers for the workshops she was teaching. I was able to print these foundations on Carol's Foundation Paper through the laser printer, it was so easy! The Foundation Papers come in 8-1/2in x 11in, 100 sheets. Use in most inkjet or laser printers or copy machines. No shrinking, curling, or turning brittle! Holds up beautifully during stitching; tears away easily.Use a dry iron on a cotton setting and a press cloth on your ironing board cover to protect it from excess ink.
If you are interested in trying out these fantastic Foundation Paper CLICK HERE

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