Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cover Quilt- Quilter's Companion

I finally can say I am a cover girl.... well my quilt is! The latest edition of Quilter's Companion features a quilt which I designed and  made called Candy Twist. This quilt was inspired by my little nieces who just love the colour pink. Now pink is not really my most favourite but how could I look into my little niece's faces and tell them that so Candy Twist was created just to please them (I'm sure they will be fighting over who get this quilt.... stay tuned there may be another pink quilt in the making!)
The quilt is designed to fit a single bed and would look great in a range of fabrics. The fabrics which I used  is from the Benartex fabric range Lili-fied. This range is available in the pink/orange colours and also in blue/greens.
The quilt was pieced using my Aurora 440QE and then quilted using the new Bernina 710.
I am rather bad when I make my quilts and don't tend to trim the threads on the back as I go, when you are sewing with white YOU NEED TO DO THIS! If you don't, like I did, you will find once you have pieced the entire top you will spend hours trimming all those threads off. I was looking at using a bright backing fabric on this quilt and couldn't as it would have shown through the white. I did use for the batting Matilda's Own Poly which is very white in colour and don't have a high loft like most battings (it is very similar to the cotton batting) so was perfect for this quilt.
Once the quilt was pieced it was time for the quilting. I try to quilt all my own quilts, my quilting is never the best but with practice I am getting there. I really only wanted to do simply quilting so I quilting in the ditch all the top and then using the Bernina Stitch Regulator (the BSR) I stippled all the white fabric. I didn't quilt on top of any of the pink fabric, by doing this it gave all the pink fabrics a raised effect which I liked.   
Quilter's Companion #62 is available now in the newsagents so make sure you go and check it out!

Below are some of the photos I took when I was quilting.

An upclose photo of the quilting. Quilting white on white is hard on the eyes but I did love the effect it gave.

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