Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quilting in the Highlands 2013 - Sandra Leichner

Quilting in the Highlands is a quilting retreat that Berrima Patchwork hosts each year in July in the Southern Highlands. This year we had an amazing team of tutors including from the USA Sandra Leichner, Deb Karasik and Barbara Olson and from Australia Mariya Waters, Rachelle Denneny and Yvette Stanton. Each tutor was teaching 2 workshops which lasted for 2 days each. Over the next few days we will be posting photos from each of these workshops. 

Our first tutor is Sandra Leichner. Sandra is a top internationally awarded and recognized Master Applique Artist and is known for her masterpiece quilts that showcase her unique illustrative approach with hand applique and hand embellishment techniques. To quote Sandra "My illustrations are brought to life with pieces of fabric and a large palette of threads to create intricate Artisan applique quilts that embrace my passion for handwork and design.

Sandra's first workshop was Naturalist Notebook. This is a series of blocks which is an ongoing project of Sandra's. The quilt is made up of several individual bird blocks and a centre panel. The students had a choice of two of the bird blocks to work on. 

Below are some of the photos from the workshop.


Sandra's second workshop on the Monday and Tuesday was Lapis and Lemons. This small quilt was simply breathtaking and I can't wait to see the finished products from the students.


Sandra on this trip brought several of her quilts with her. American Still Life is a beautiful quilt. The details are amazing.

Jason's Grasshopper Block which is the centre panel for Sandra's Naturalist Notebook series was also another of the quilts that Sandra brought with here. Here is a close up of the grasshopper.

While Sandra is known for her amazing hand applique and embroidery she is also a very talented machine quilter. She was recent part of a challenge for one of the US Quilting Magazine and this is the piece that she created for them. It is all trapunto quilted.

We are very happy to announce that Sandra's patterns are now available through Berrima Patchwork. If you are interested in any of these pattern CLICK HERE. Sandra will also be joining us for Quilting in the Highlands 2014, details will be released shortly.

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