Friday, October 9, 2009

Cowboys and Quilts in Houston Texas

Hi everyone from HOUSTON!
I arrived here yesterday and today I had a relaxing day on a tour run by the show called Cowboys and Quilts. The day took in 3 of the local quilt shops and the George Ranch Historical Park. The Feathered Star was our first shop located in Katy, Houston ( The shop is in an old restored house and they have had the shop for a few years. The shop has a beautiful lay out with a range of fabrics including Daiwabo Taupes some amazing Japanese sample quilts and an array of Christmas samples.

The second shop we visited was the Quilting Cottage ( This shop is located in Old Towne Richmond, Owner Debbie Bertrand opened the doors of Quilters Cottage in March of 2006. The shop is located in two "antique" houses, they stock a range of fabrics and I don't think I have ever seen so many batik fabrics in one shop before.

The third shop we visited was The Quilters Emporium ( where we were treated to a show of new fabric ranges from Avlyn Fabrics by Karen Combs (creator of Patchwork Illusions and designer and author

Now don't forget that the tour was called Cowboys and Quilts so at lunch it was time to head out to the Ranch - The George Ranch Historical Park ( . The park is a 23,000 acre WORKING ranch. They have set up historical buildings on the ranch where costumed presenters tell you about the history of the ranch and what life was like living and working there. You can visit the 1830s Jones Stock Exchange and buildings through to the 1890's Davis Victorian Mansion and the 1960s Ryon Prairie Home. The George Ranch Historical Park's history follows family lines beginning in 1824 when Texas was still part of Mexico. The first Texas pioneers settled near the Brazos River. In the years since, the Ranch has passed through four generations and grown into one of Fort Bend County's landmarks. The family's original "home place" is at the core of the George Ranch Historical Park where the legends and legacies of those who shaped this place come to life every day.

So it was a busy and enjoyable day. Tomorrow it is down to business with lectures all day and sample spree tomorrow night. xx Tamsin

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