Saturday, October 17, 2009

Houston International Quilt Festival - Noriko Endo

Two of the classes I attended while at Houston were with a Japanese Quilter Noriko Endo
I missed out on a place in her classes last year and was determined to get a place in them this year. Noriko is an award winning quilter. Here is her website the site shows several quilts. Her main method of creating a quilt is using a confetti method - cutting up very small pieces and laying the onto a piece of backing and then quilting over the top. Her quilts are amazing and if you get to see one in person you need to take time to see all the little details she places in her quilts.

The first of the class was called Impressionist of Japan - Silk dye and Naturescape. In this class we learnt how to dye the silk fabrics and to create a impressionist quilt using the various silks, silk threads, fibres and silk ribbons. Using silk thread in the machine you quilt all the layers together. Below is a picture of the piece in the first stages ( I went a bit crazy with my colours). I still have a lot of quilting left to do on it so that will have to be done when I return back to Australia.

The Second Class that I took with Noriko was Confetti Naturescapes. In this class you use a photo as your inspiration and create your piece using small cut up pieces of fabric. I couldn't believe the amount of work we completed during the class. Below is a picture of the class room and a picture of my piece, once again there is still a lot of work to be done on it but it is coming along nicely.

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