Monday, June 20, 2011

Free 12" Block: Bears Paw

This weeks free 12" block from Berrima Patchwork is Bears Paw. Once again there are a few triangles in this block, you can cut and sew these traditionally or using the Sewing tip which is included in the pattern you can sew them another easier way. Why is the block Bears Paw this week? My friend who lives in Banff Canada was camping the other week and sent me a photo (which is below) of a black bear they saw. The bears are coming out of their hibernation in the Rockies and will be seen around the area. In my time living in Canada I only saw a couple of bears (from a distance) it is a strange experience as they look cute and cuddly but you must remember that they definitely are not. I do wonder if the bear did stop at that stop sign!

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Next weeks pattern will be a friend for last weeks pattern Old Maid's Puzzle

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