Monday, June 13, 2011

Free 12" Block: Old Maid's Puzzle

This weeks free 12" block is Old Maid's Puzzle. This once again is a simple block - made up of only 2 different blocks, however it can look so different using a mixture of colours and fabrics.
From only using two fabrics you can have the positive and negative look. (I just love that brown fabric in these two blocks)

In this sample I used 3 different fabrics for the centre block and then used 2 different fabrics for the outside borders (directions for the borders) This sample will be made up as a cushion for the display in the shop.
And then lastly, I went a bit funky with my fabric choice. I had a charm pack that I didn't know what to do with and this pattern is perfect to use a charm pack in as they are 5" squares - you just have to trim them down to your desired size. I then just added two borders and sewed it up into a cushion. See how the different fabrics changes the whole look.