Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Checklist

When your sewing machine just doesn’t seem to be sewing right what do you do? Below is a basic checklist that we recommend you run through.
  1. Check you have your sewing machine plugged in, switched on and the foot control is in correctly (basic step I know but sometimes this is all that needs to be done)
  2. Re-thread your machine. I re-thread my top and test the machine, if it is still not working, I re-thread my bobbin and check it. Are you using a decent type of thread – you pay for what you get, use a cheap thread often you will experience some problems. Have you wound the bobbin thread onto the bobbin correctly? Have you correctly threaded your machine?
  3. If it still is not working properly the next thing I do is check your needle. Often people do not change their needles regularly. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR NEEDLE! You have spent a lot of money on your sewing machine, replacing a needle will cost you $1 or less, and your machine will be so very grateful for it. Check you are using the right type of needle for the job.
  4. Check your machine tension. You can change your machine tension. If you are using a thicker thread then you will need to loosen your top tension, if it is a thinner thread then you might need to tighten your tension. If you can change you bobbin tension it is always best to change your top tension first before changing the bobbin tension.
  5. Still not working? Give your machine a good clean – when was the last time you cleaned it? Does your machine need to be oiled – some machines do not however so do, if you are not sure check out your owner’s manual. That fluff around the feet dogs doesn’t belong there, if it looks like felt then it has been too long since you last cleaned your machine.
  6. The above steps haven’t worked, then it is time to take it to your local machine repair shop and get it checked out.

If your machine makes a strange noise, gives off a puff of smoke, goes bang please don’t even attempt any of the above steps, just take it to your local machine repair shop and get them to check it out. Never take the outer shell off your machine, this could cause you warranty to be voided, take it to a machine repairer who knows what they are doing.


  1. #2&#3...the two most important ones, spent over a hour trying to get my own faithful kenmore to sew properly today, it was all in the threading or lack of..

  2. Re threading is a good first step. I thought my new machine was on strike, but lovely local repair man said try rethreading and it work! Now it is the first think I do.