Wednesday, November 2, 2011

International Quilt Market Photos

More photos from the International Quilt Market.
Happy Hallows is one of our regular suppliers of patterns. They create fantastic Christmas projects and we have several of their samples on display in the shop.
Happy Hallows  Happy Hallows
When I saw these samples I thought I must order them into the store. Sunfelt is a new company to the US and they create these fantastic kits for felt toys and food. They had the most amazing samples I have seen of the food, it looked so good you would have thought it was real. I have also ordered these cute little felt toys for the shop, they have a winder on the size which makes them move - how cool is that!

Sunfelt  Sunfelt

Rachel's of Greenfields is also another of our regular suppliers. They create kits for this mini quilts. The quilts contain everything you need to make up these mini quilts. There are a couple of new Christmas kits which I have ordered for the shop and some new samples of these fantastic kits.
Rachels of Greenfields

We all love the printed quilting panels that Block Party Studios create. They have two new panels which will be in store soon: A panel for nurses and a New Christmas Panel. They have 3 different What Quilter's Think which make a fantastic present for any quilter. Check in store for all the different printed panels we have for them.
block party studios
Superior Threads is one of our favourite thread companies, it was great to see Bob and Heather again. They have a new DVD on "Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob DVD Seminar" If you want to know more about thread in general, don't understand tension or sewing machine needs then this DVD is a MUST BUY! after attending their School of Threadology in July I can say that the knowledge that Bob provides is amazing. Below are some photos from the Superior Thread Stand and of Patterns By Annie.
Superior Threads   Superior Threads
Patterns By Annie
Below are some photos of the different Fabric Company Stands
Anna Marie Horner
Michael Miller
Amy Butler
Adorn It
Shannon Fabrics

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  1. These photos capture it so well. We've not been able to attend the last couple of years due to a 90th and a new arrival (rather good excuses!) but its great to be able to see it through your experience - thanks for sharing.