Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Leesa Chandler Workshops

Quilting in the Highlands Patchwork Retreat is taking place Saturday 28th till Tuesday 31st July presented by Berrima Patchwork, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, just 1 1/2 hours south of Sydney. We have 5 award winning teachers joining us for this quilting retreat including from the USA Carol Doak and Melinda Bula and from Australia Michele Hill, Sue Dennis and Leesa Chandler. For further information about Quilting in the Highlands go to
Teacher Profile: Leesa Chandler
Leesa was introduced to sewing at an early age by her grandmother, Leesa Chandlerwith embroidery, knitting and hand sewing. She set up her own handcraft business at 14, selling to local gift shops and friends, and embarked on making her first quilt at 18, over 25 years ago.
After completing a University degree, working as a Food Scientist, marrying and having her two boys, her obsession with patchwork finally became her business!
Leesa has been teaching for over 10 years, and has taught at various shops, guilds and events throughout Australia, including the Australasian Quilt Convention.  When not on the road, Leesa is managing and teaching in her own boutique patchwork shop and studio in Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia.  Chandlers Cottage specializes in fabrics and giftware with a cultural influence.
She sources her inspiration for designing from different cultures such as Japanese, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Australian.  Leesa loves teaching and sharing her obsession with rich decadent prints, as well as three dimensional appliqué and handbag design.
Her patchwork philosophies include the fact that it really is all about the journey, and having fun with friends, preferably with cake and a cuppa close at hand.  The fact that you end up with something beautiful at the end of the journey, is your reward for making time for yourself.
As well as having projects published in magazines such as Quilters Companion, Australian Patchwork & Quilting and Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Magazine, Leesa has designed and published over 50 patterns for quilts, wall hangings, and bags. Please check out Leesa’s Website:
Leesa will be teaching 2 workshops: Geisha in the Moonlight and Under The Australia Sun II Experience For further information about these workshops go to

WORKSHOP: Geisha in the Moonlight with Leesa Chandler,  Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July 2012

This is a stunning quilt that Leesa has designed featuring needleturn applique and several other hand sewing methods. On the first day we work on the border blocks first to learn needleturn, 3D work, paper piecing, bias making, stem stump work and cherry blossoms. On the second day we review what was covered on day one and then work on the Geisha. All techniques are demonstrated, keeping in mind that the Geisha is all needleturn and 3D/bagged out work, so much simpler than Day 1! General techniques are also covered such as transferring patterns onto background, quilt as you go techniques to assemble the quilt and all that cool stuff you don't get in the pattern.

 WORKSHOP: Under The Australian Sun II Experience with Leesa Chandler,  Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st July 2012

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