Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So what are these exciting things that are occuring at Berrima Patchwork?????


Yes it is finally up and running, it has been up since last week and going well. It has a totally new look and is very user friendly to use. I've been busy in the shop taking photos of the fabrics and loading them onto the site. New collections such as The Cat in the Hat and Celebrate Seuss are now online ready to be purchased.

We also have a new emailing/newsletter system which will be trying out shortly, a new blog connected to our site (we will still be posting on here), you are able to book into classes online and many other fun things. Our email system was down for a couple of days, sorry if you have tried to contact us, it is now up and running again.

We also have a new logo, the old one was a bit dated and we felt it needed a new look which goes with the website. This logo will start to appear on all our products, and on the large new signs for the front of the shop soon.

And lastly what else is exciting is that I am currently in Salt Lake City - after a very busy and stressful week of getting the website live I have left the shop on Monday afternoon (with a pile of products on file be loaded onto the site while I'm away - no rest for me) boarded the plane and arrived in the USA. I'm over here for The International Spring Market - a trade only quilt show.  I will be away for two weeks but will be checking and replying to emails if you have anything to ask us about or you can always phone Sue in the shop. While I am at Market I will have the opportunity to meet up with some of the team who put our new website together as well as meeting up with several of our regular contacts and suppliers. New products, fabric and books will be released at the show and I will make sure that I will be blogging about what I see.
Till Later

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