Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilt Shop Tour - Salt Lake City

For my final day in Salt Lake City I went and hired a car for the day to go and see some of the quilt shops in and around Salt Lake City.
First stop was Piper's Quilts: 1944 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City.
This shop is not that far from the centre of Salt Lake City so it was only natural that this was my first port of call. It is a small shop which is packed full of goodies. There are a lot of patterns for children’s clothing/shoes, some very cute pincushions - which they have sample of and they not only stock fabric but also wool. I did pick up some Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics here, they have a small collection of this fabric which I have been told is great for the back of quilts. It is opposite the post office (if you need to send stuff home!) The staff were really friendly and helpful with my questions. I just had to take a photo of this sign that is in their parking lot (around the back which is accessible via the front and back of the shop).

       Pipers Quilt Shop    Pipers Quilt Shop

Next on my list was Whimsy Cottage: 1875 Murray Holladay Rd, Holladay.
It is located next to the MacDonald’s. The outside of this shop does not do justice to what you will find inside the shop. When I opened the door to go inside I was not expecting what I saw. The inside of the shop is really nice, clean and crisp, a good selection of fabrics which include brights/funky, batiks and Japanese fabrics to name just a couple. They have several quilts up on their walls which are available as kits and have a large selection of the Australian Designers Melly and Me (and many samples of these fantastic stuff toys).  I know this shop was left off the list for the "official" quilt show tour and I do feel it was definitely worth a visit as I did enjoy visiting. Across the road (at the cross roads on the same side but across the street) is a Bagel Shop - Einstein's Bagels I think it is called. Make sure you go there and get some Bagels they were really good. Here are some photos from Whimsy Cottage:
Whimsy Cottage
The outside of the shop - never judge a book by it's cover!
Whimsy Cottage  Whimsy Cottage
Onto Elaine's Quilt Block: 6970 S 3000 E Cottonwood Height
Located at the foot of the mountains, their shop was great. They have a large selection of fabrics spread out over 2 levels. I headed straight downstairs when I got in to check out their children’s fabric, and got some cute Owl fabric here. As you go down the stairs they have a display of quilts which are available as kits. On their main level there is a selection of batiks, civil war fabrics and others. A great selection of fabric, very nice staff, and a very friendly little 4 legged friend! A big car part of the back of the shop. Sorry not photos inside the shop - I forgot as I was too busy checking out the fabrics!
Next on the list was Quilt Ect: 11 East Main St, Sandy
This shop has a very large selection of fabric, beautifully set out to view it all. They have a large selection of fabric in this store and even though it is a big inventory it is very easy to view it all and isn't overwhelming. They have a good selection of patterns and books, make sure you check out their large classroom as they have quilts lining the walls. In the shop they have many quilts which are available as kits. The shops fabric range is amazing, from batiks, to Japanese, kids fabrics, to civil war/Americana to name just a few. The staff are friendly and more than happy to assist. I had to buy some of the Americana fabric while I was there - a large panel and fabric to match and when I get the time will make the quilt. This shop is definitely worth the visit.
Quilt Ect   Quilt Ect

Quilt Ect     Quilt Ect
Quilt Ect   Quilt Ect
The last shop on my shop hop in Salt Lake City was Thimbles and Threads: 12215 South 900 East Draper. 
This shop is located in the historic district of Draper. I had this shop on my list as it is the building was built in 1910 by Utah Egg and was originally used as a poultry and egg distribution centre - our shop being located in an old building we have restrictions as to how we can display fabric/quilts in our shop so I always love to visit shops that are in old buildings to see how they display everything. The staff here were super friendly, had a great long chat to them. Their fabric range were good - they stock fabric from Studio E, Andover, Marcus Brothers Moda, Northcott to just name a few. They have on display a whole wall of their Block of the Month projects which I thought was really well done. It clearly showed you the blocks and the progress of them. They have a classroom and giftware down on their second level. This was a fun shop to visit, and a nice way to end my tour.
Thimble and Threads
Thimble and Threads  Thimble and Threads
Thimble and Threads   Thimble and Threads
I did have three other shops on my shop list however I ran out of time, but if you do have time make sure you go and check them out.
Material Girls: 1645 Towne Centre Dr #4 South, Jordon
They stock a large range of fun funky fabrics such as Amy Bulter.
Pine Needles: 1100 West 7800 South, West Jordon
The Village Quilt Shop at Gardner Village: 1100 West 7800 South, West Jordon
So that is it for Salt Lake City, tomorrow I am heading off to Calgary Canada, it has been 7 years since I last lived in Canada and can't wait.

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  1. Thanks for your posts on Salt Lake due to go in a weeks time for two weeks and very excited!