Thursday, May 12, 2011

Out and about in Salt Lake City Part 1

Today I had a full day to myself in Salt Lake City. I thought I would take it easy, get over the flight, get my head straight for the quilt show and to have a look around the city. To the streets I went, I can definitely so that Salt Lake City is nothing like the city of Sydney. There are very few people out on the streets, it is a bit eerie as there are office blocks but no one around. There is fair amount of construction work happening in the centre of the town so most of the people I did see were construction workers. It is nice to be in a town however to be surrounded by mountains. In another life I was a chef and lived in the Canadian Rockies for 3 years, so seeing the mountains upon arrival with snow on them brought back memories.
Upon my walk I came upon what was used as the Ice Skating arena, it is now used as a concert space (much like the Arena at Homebush in Sydney)

Behind the arena is a shopping area call the Gateway. One of the buildings was used as the Union Pacific Railway Station. I love how they still have the sign up even though it is no longer used at the station.

One of the great things that I love about America is that the roads are so wide, none of this one lane stuff that we have to put up with in the city of Sydney. It makes driving over here very easy even though they drive on the other side of the road. I did try to get a photo with the mountains in the background, will try to get a better photo tomorrow. 

This is a picture of one of the old buildings in town. I was waiting for the tram and saw this building from the station.

One last picture before I have to go.
All of the street lights and traffic light poles are the same and have this stunning base on them. I had to take a photo (someone was watching me take the photo they must have thought I was mad!) They have these beautiful Indian Heads on them and then above them were it says S.Temple that refers to the street they are on. 
Tonight I am off to the Fabric Shop Network Dinner. I'm very excited as Leesa Chandler (from Chandlers cottage, fabric designer of "Under The Australian Sun") is joining me.
More tomorrow - planning to go through Temple Square plus a full day of lectures (schoolhouse) and sample spree.

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